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We offer a VMware-based cloud for building an isolated, highly available, and resilient IT infrastructure on the Colobridge platform. We host physical servers in two certified data centers in Germany. We provide 24/7 support in your native language.
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Advantages of VMware Cloud

Solution from the market leader in virtualization.

VMware is one of the largest developers of virtualization systems in the world, offering solutions for server virtualization, cloud environments, network virtualization, and desktop virtualization. Their capabilities are sufficient to implement projects of any complexity.

Enterprise-level functionality

VMware virtual servers allow you to perform the same resource-intensive tasks as high-end physical servers. You gain access not only to a pool of computing resources but also to flexible configurations capable of meeting the requirements of corporate clients.

High Performance at Minimal Costs

You do not carry capital expenses and forecast operational costs, can scale IT infrastructure as needed, and easily redistribute workloads between different virtual machines to achieve maximum performance.

On-demand scalability

Server virtualization enables the construction of IT infrastructure that scales along with demand fluctuations and business growth. You’ll be able to balance workloads between virtual machines and obtain additional resources on demand from a reserved pool.

Why Colobridge

Information security at the legislative level of Germany

 Data centers are among the “World Top 5 Data Center Operators”

 Multilingual expertise and professional technical support 24×7×365

 High quality of service — 4.9 points for evaluation. Support service response — up to 15 minutes

Reviews and our clients

During our cooperation, Colobridge GmbH has proved itself as a reliable partner with profound competencies in IT services. Individual approach to the client, flexibility and readiness for customized solutions make Colobridge GmbH stand out from the other providers.

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Head of IT Support, StarLadder

Colobridge has proved itself as a reliable and professional partner in the field of information technology services. Services are provided in compliance with deadlines, quality indicators, as well as in a timely and professional manner.
Serhiy Bobylev

Manager of Tender Procedures Department, DTEK Dnipro Electricity Networks JSC

Сase study: Multiplex

Multiplex, Ukraine’s largest cinema chain, has transferred part of its workloads to Colobridge platform. Now the company flexibly responds to load surges on the eve of most anticipated high-profile premieres, easily scales up its IT infrastructure after the new cinemas are opened, and has significantly digitalised its services.

FAQs about VMware

In what scenarios is vmware cloud computing most often used?

One of the most popular scenarios is migrating from outdated on-premises hardware to private cloud VMware. Additionally, the VMware virtualization platform can be used for building hybrid clouds, enabling remote workstations, setting up testing and development environments, as well as for cloud backup and disaster recovery. As a cloud provider, we utilize this product to construct public clouds — the end product our clients recognize as IaaS, “Infrastructure as a Service”. If you have a request for cloud services using this virtualization product on the Colobridge platform, our technical specialists will select the most suitable software solution for its implementation, considering the tasks and requirements of the business project.

What is VMware in cloud computing?

The VMware cloud infrastructure is developed by the eponymous software vendor. This software solution is intended for running multiple virtual machines on a single physical server or server cluster.
Typically, VMware cloud computing architecture encompasses a range of virtualization products, including:

  • ESXi: Software for deploying hypervisors directly onto physical hardware.
  • vCenter Server: A virtualization tool for centralized cloud management through a unified console.
  • vSphere: A solution package incorporating VMware ESXi and VMware vCenter Server for data center-level virtualization.

How to organize migration to the VMware cloud?

If you aim to optimize and/or modernize your IT infrastructure, we recommend migrating your servers to VMware. Our specialists will analyze the workload intensity and select periods when the number of requests to them is at its lowest. They will then transfer the data in a manner that completely eliminates or minimizes the downtime of IT services.

How is data security ensured on the VMware private cloud computing platform?

VMware virtual servers (also known as virtual machines) are fully isolated from each other, even though they utilize physical resources on the same server or server cluster. It is impossible to overcome this level of isolation, even with administrator rights. If one machine experiences a failure, all others will continue to operate normally. For clients opting for VMware server rental, we can offer additional protection by configuring resource limitations on the node and connecting data backup tools.

How much does it cost to rent a VMware virtual server?

When calculating the cost of a VMware-based cloud, all utilized virtual resources are taken into account, including vCPU, vRAM, vDisk (with options for Ultra SSD, SSD, HDD), IP address rental, and Edge Router. Additionally, the number of virtual machines for tariffs with built-in backup tools is considered. If needed, we can provide Windows Server licenses for rent.

Are there any differences in the performance of different versions of VMware products?

The differences between the products of different versions exist, but they are difficult to label as drastic. Usually, from the users’ perspective, there aren’t any new additional features introduced. However, there is a high probability of changes in the interface used by system administrators, as well as improvements in performance or security. For example, in the latest version of the vSphere product, tools have been introduced that allow for nearly a third acceleration in query execution and a reduction in data access latency.

Why is the VMware platform better than other virtualization systems?

VMware virtual servers are among the best solutions for hosting corporate applications in the cloud, proving their reliability, performance, and security. At the same time, it is the most popular (holding a significant portion of the market) virtualization platform with a powerful set of tools for creating and managing virtual IT infrastructure.
Originally developed as a commercial product primarily targeted at corporate users, the virtualization solution in VMware appeals to administrators due to its ease of installation and configuration, intuitive interface in the management console, and a variety of advanced tools that allow for the implementation of various functionalities based on business requirements. Thanks to the modularity of the system, users can utilize only those products that are truly necessary in the current situation. With VMware Cloud Director Service, a multi-cloud environment can be deployed, enabling cost optimization for licensing and overall simplification of IT infrastructure management.
Furthermore, VMware software offers a straightforward migration process from other virtualization platforms, adding to its appeal.

Reliability Confirmed by Certificates

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What’s next?

Try the cloud for free up to 2 weeks

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