IT Integrator Profservice Migrated Client Data to Germany to Keep it Safe During the War. Colobridge Client Success Story

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IT Integrator, service company

Comprehensive IT infrastructure support

Prof-Service has been providing all kinds of services in the field of computer hardware maintenance and IT infrastructure management for enterprises since 2011. Prof-Service staff support and administer computer hardware fleets, dedicated, cloud and terminal servers, design SCS systems and install video surveillance systems.

Colobridge products and services used:


Kharkiv IT Integrator Profservice has been working with Colobridge since 2014. The first positive impression of our cooperation (this client has been using Colobridge services for over 8 years) has evolved into a long-term partnership that continued after the outbreak of active hostilities in Ukraine in February 2022. The war has forced many companies to look for ways to protect their data from physical destruction.


The first client decided to migrate to the cloud a week after the war broke out, and the majority of the other clients made the same choice within 3 to 6 weeks. By that time, two-thirds of our clients had suspended their work, and only a few came back a few months later. Unfortunately, almost all of them had to considerably downsize their operations. For those interested in keeping their businesses running, we offered to migrate at least some of their data to Colobridge cloud.

Oleksandr Krupich, Profservice CEO

Before migration, many of Profservice clients placed their servers in their own offices or rented physical servers and virtual computing resources in data centres in Kharkiv. In particular, Comfort-Service, a company designing and installing air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems, had been using the services offered by IT Integrator for many years. A few months before the war, following IT Integrator’s recommendation, Comfort-Service moved two of its servers to a large Kharkiv data centre. After 24 February 2022, the company accepted an offer to further secure its data in the cloud.
The second client that agreed to migrate is Agrotrade, a large agricultural enterprise which specialises in producing crop seeds, and growing grain crops; moreover, it owns many grain elevators. Before the war, it had a fairly large IT infrastructure at its disposal, including several high-performance physical servers and virtual machines placed in one of data centres in Kharkiv.


IT Integrator Prof-Service had to fulfil several requirements set by Comfort-Service and Agrotrade, namely:

Move data outside of Ukraine, preferably to a European jurisdiction, to protect it from physical destruction and other external influences.

Select a provider from the list of suppliers that places client IT infrastructures in certified fault-tolerant data centres (Tier III and higher).

Get a guaranteed SLA that is strictly enforced and covered by financial guarantees on the part of the service provider.

Receive prompt and high-quality technical support 24/7/365 in understandable language.

Get a provider that is actually a reliable partner that has an tailored approach to solving any problem and can provide high-quality IT expertise (scaling infrastructure, helping to choose an alternative software solution, selecting hardware components, etc.).


Colobridge met all the requirements set by the clients of IT Integrator Profservice. Colobridge was selected from several service providers due to several important advantages:

it places client IT infrastructures in certified European data centres in Europe ( de facto conformity to Tier III/Tier III+ standards, which are among the top 5 in Europe);
it meets the physical and legal security requirements, as well as the remoteness of the site as computing facilities are located in Germany;
it complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation;
it has a flexible approach to solving client problems regardless of their complexity;
it has responsive Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking technical support that operates around the clock and responds to requests in less than 15 minutes;
over several years of cooperation, it has repeatedly proved to be a reliable and trustworthy partner.

The following tasks were carried out in the course of project implementation:

Current IT infrastructures of the end clients, Comfort-Service and Agrotrade, were audited.
Several options for implementing the task via private and public cloud resources, as well as colocation services, were offered.
Professional advice on choosing the right solution based on the actual requirements was provided, and it was substantiated from a technical and economic point of view.
The final configuration of the solution was agreed upon with the clients and the hardware required for its implementation was purchased.
The periods with the lowest load of client services were identified and, based on this information, the optimal migration time was chosen.
Comfort-Service and Agrotrade data were successfully migrated with minimum downtime for business-critical services at night. This was made possible thanks to the fact that our support staff works 24/7/356.


After the migration, Comfort-Service continued its downsized operations. The company uses dedicated servers to store its client base, accounting system and documentation. All this data is reliably protected from physical destruction, a threat they could suffer in Kharkiv.

At Agrotrade, terminal and mail servers have been launched on virtual facilities provided by Colobridge.

Both we and our clients are pleased with the outcome of the cooperation which started in such tough times for the country. We received dedicated servers and virtual machines just as ordered, data transmission channel speed and stability are high, and we can get in touch with technical support at any time. We encountered a small problem with IKVM during migration, and it was resolved as promptly as possible.

Oleksandr Krupich, Profservice CEO

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