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Explore our Hybrid Cloud Solutions, seamlessly integrating the distinctive features and advantages of both private and public cloud environments. Tailor your solution with any desired combination of hardware and cloud services. Hosted in Germany, our infrastructure operates from two certified data centers, providing a robust foundation, complemented by 24/7 support in your native language for an optimized and responsive experience.
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Benefits of Hybrid Cloud — Colobridge

Blending Hardware and Cloud Solutions

Colobridge’s Hybrid Cloud platform facilitates seamless hybrid cloud integration, allowing for the dynamic combination of hardware rental, colocation services (Colocation and Dedicated), and resource virtualization (IaaS and Private Cloud). Explore diverse service models including Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), Block Storage as a Service (BSaaS), Ethernet and FC Ports as a Service (Port aaS), and Backup as a Service (BaaS).

Tailored Hybrid Environments for Every Need

Colobridge offers a customizable hybrid cloud solution catering to diverse requirements. Implement scenarios tailored for businesses subject to regulatory restrictions and those mandated to adhere to stringent security policies.

Cost Effectiveness

You can tailor your hybrid cloud experience to your unique requirements, considering factors such as performance, security, and more. Maximize existing hardware investments—owned or leased—by integrating them seamlessly with public or private cloud resources.

Flexible Scalability

You can scale your infrastructure in real-time to meet evolving business needs. Plan and reserve capacity during project discussions, ensuring a seamless pool of resources during peak load times without added complexity.

Why Colobridge

Your data’s safety is our priority, meeting Germany’s legislative standards for information security.

We are counted among the “World’s Top 3 Data Center Operators,” ensuring your data is in capable hands.

Our dedicated technical support team is available 24/7/365 to assist you, and we provide Remote Hands support in any Frankfurt data center.

Our services have received an impressive 4.9-point rating, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Additionally, our support team responds to your needs in as little as 15 minutes.

Reviews and our clients

Our company has been using the services of Colobridge GmbH for more than nine years. During this time, we have never hesitated about our correct choice of the provider. Colobridge gives no reasons to doubt the quality of the provided services, the high level of SLA, as well as the undeniable professionalism of service desk and account managers.
Anton Vasiliev

Lead IT Specialist, Deka JV

During our cooperation, Colobridge GmbH has proved itself as a reliable partner with profound competencies in IT services. Individual approach to the client, flexibility and readiness for customized solutions make Colobridge GmbH stand out from the other providers.

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Head of IT Support, StarLadder

Multiplex Case Study: Digital Transformation with Colobridge

Multiplex, Ukraine’s largest cinema chain, has transferred a portion of its workloads to the Colobridge platform. This move enables the company to swiftly respond to increased demand during highly anticipated blockbuster premieres, seamlessly expand its IT infrastructure with the opening of new cinemas, and substantially enhance its digital services.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solutions by Colobridge

Reliable and Stable Performance

Hosting business services on both hardware platforms and the corporate cloud within a hybrid environment allows for the optimization of IT infrastructure and optimal distribution of workloads. This approach significantly reduces the likelihood of critical business processes failing, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Transparent Resource Management

The hybrid cloud solution provides centralized management of all available resources, including both hardware and virtualized components. This level of control empowers businesses to respond promptly to emerging issues, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Standard and Customised Hybridisation Scenarios

The Colobridge platform offers the flexibility to implement common scenarios, such as renting a dedicated server paired with cloud storage through a service model. Additionally, the platform supports extensive hybridization possibilities, allowing for customization, such as hybridizing specific ports instead of traditional network equipment rental.

Guaranteed SLA Compliance

Rest assured that all hybrid cloud components hosted on the Colobridge platform adhere to the guarantees outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). This ensures the availability of services and the provision of guaranteed administration services as per the agreed-upon SLA terms.

Access to IT Expertise

With over 10 years of experience, Colobridge excels in successfully implementing solutions of varying complexity, tailored to the needs of small, medium, and large businesses. Clients can delegate tasks ranging from project planning to the migration of business services to corporate cloud, along with comprehensive IT infrastructure administration.

FAQs about Hybrid Cloud Solutions

How is hybrid cloud priced?

The pricing of hybrid cloud services is contingent upon various factors. Workloads placed in a hybrid cloud environment may exhibit distinct loads on IT infrastructure, necessitate specific hardware or software configurations, and have diverse requirements in terms of security, data transfer speed, and storage capacity. Consequently, the cost of a hybrid cloud is determined individually in each specific case, considering the configuration of both hardware and virtual resources. Additionally, the pricing may include the cost of renting licensed software essential for building the virtualization environment and addressing other specific tasks.

How are cloud resources that are part of a hybrid solution managed?

Management of cloud resources in a hybrid solution varies based on the specific resources in use. In a general sense, a hybrid solution provides full access to dedicated resources and limited access to public cloud resources. For instance, renting a Dedicated Server grants access to the management console for that server, while utilizing a virtual server (IaaS) provides access to the public cloud administration console. This principle applies uniformly across all components of the hybrid infrastructure.

What is the difference between hybrid cloud and multicloud?

Multicloud involves utilizing multiple public clouds from different service providers to construct an IT infrastructure. This approach is warranted when specific functionalities are unavailable on a single platform, to mitigate dependence on a single provider, or to geographically distribute business applications and data across several regions, reducing end-user access times. In multicloud scenarios, different platforms are often employed for distinct tasks. On the other hand, hybrid cloud entails integrating one’s own IT infrastructure (which may be leased or hosted by a provider) with cloud infrastructure, encompassing both public and private clouds.

Is the hybrid cloud safe?

Your corporate security policies empower you to decide where your business applications run—whether on your physical IT infrastructure (owned or leased), public clouds, or private clouds. The hybrid cloud offers a secure and rapid connection between your main corporate network and cloud infrastructure, allowing you full control over access. We assure the hosting of hardware and data in two certified fault-tolerant data centers in Germany (Frankfurt am Main). Client infrastructures are safeguarded both physically and legally, ensuring third-party access is never granted. Our responsibility includes physical security, resource differentiation, and 24/7/365 security event monitoring. Colobridge staff have no access to leased or hosted equipment, private or public clouds, and operate under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to prevent confidential information leakage.

How long does it take to build a hybrid cloud?

The implementation timeline depends on the complexity of your IT infrastructure and is estimated on a case-by-case basis. We strive to expedite the process, ensuring you can start utilizing the hybrid infrastructure as soon as possible.

What are the steps of building a hybrid cloud?

In general, when ordering hybrid cloud, one takes the steps in the following order:

  • Audit of existing IT infrastructure
  • Identifying suitable solutions to meet client requirements
  • Developing a business case and obtaining client approval
  • Deployment of the hybrid environment
  • Testing.

Optionally, our technical experts can participate in data migration to the Colobridge platform and provide administration services for client hardware and software resources.

When does a business need hybrid infrastructure?

We recommend adopting hybrid infrastructure in the following scenarios:

  • Future plans to extensively use cloud technologies while retaining local computing capacities
  • Current local IT infrastructure resources are insufficient without plans for scaling
  • Occasional spikes in business loads due to increased service and application requests
  • Need for a test environment to swiftly launch new products on the market
  • Business expansion to geographically remote regions to prevent delays in services
  • Interest in building a hybrid infrastructure for backup and rapid recovery in case of failure.

What platforms will we build hybrid cloud on?

Platform selection is tailored to project requirements. Virtualization environments leverage platforms such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, and Proxmox VE. For dedicated server rentals or colocating equipment in our data center, any preferred platform can be chosen. Contact our experts to explore platform options.

Reliability Confirmed by Certificates

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