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Explore our fully isolated cloud infrastructure, hosted on dedicated high-performance servers. Situated in Germany across two certified data centers, our services ensure unparalleled security. Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 support provided in your native language.
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Benefits of Private Cloud Services

Fully Isolated Infrastructure

On the Colobridge platform you can host a Private Corporate Cloud meeting the majority of requirements for medium and large businesses. The physical servers are isolated, ensuring an elastic, secure, and scalable virtual environment.

Tools to monitor and control access to racks

Utilize tools to monitor racks in real time through a modern video monitoring system. Control access with IP locks on server cabinets, meeting increased requirements for hardware physical security.

Full Control Over Your IT Infrastructure

Renting a private cloud gives you complete autonomy. You can independently deploy a virtualization environment and manage your IT infrastructure. Alternatively, delegate these tasks to our expert team. This flexibility is crucial for workloads subject to regulatory restrictions or strict corporate security policies.

On-Demand Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Explore the possibilities on the Colobridge platform. Combine a Private Cloud with a Public Cloud to create a dynamic hybrid cloud. This configuration effortlessly provides additional virtual resources for non-critical workloads.

Seamless Data Migration Support

We’re here to assist you in seamless migration of your services to the cloud swiftly and transparently.

Why Colobridge

Your data’s safety is our priority, meeting Germany’s legislative standards for information security.

We are ranked among the “World’s Top 3 Data Center Operators,” ensuring your data is in capable hands.

Our dedicated technical support team is available 24/7/365 to assist you, and we provide Remote Hands support in any Frankfurt data center.

Our services have received an impressive 4.9-point rating, reflecting our commitment to excellence. Additionally, our support team responds to your needs in as little as 15 minutes.

Reviews from Our Valued Client

Our company has been using the services of Colobridge GmbH for more than nine years. During this time, we have never hesitated about our correct choice of the provider. Colobridge gives no reasons to doubt the quality of the provided services, the high level of SLA, as well as the undeniable professionalism of service desk and account managers.

Anton Vasiliev

Lead IT Specialist, Deka JV

During our cooperation, Colobridge GmbH has proved itself as a reliable partner with profound competencies in IT services. Individual approach to the client, flexibility and readiness for customized solutions make Colobridge GmbH stand out from the other providers.

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Head of IT Support, StarLadder

Multiplex Case Study: Digital Transformation with Colobridge

Multiplex, Ukraine’s largest cinema chain, has transferred a portion of its workloads to the Colobridge platform. This move enables the company to swiftly respond to increased demand during highly anticipated blockbuster premieres, seamlessly expand its IT infrastructure with the opening of new cinemas, and substantially enhance its digital services.

FAQs about Private Cloud Solutions

What is the difference between a private cloud and a public cloud?

Public clouds are renowned for their rapid virtual machine deployment and resource allocation. However, their capabilities are limited due to shared physical infrastructure among a number customers.
On the other hand, Private Cloud is exclusively utilized by a single client, allowing for complete customization of physical infrastructure to meet specific tasks, performance benchmarks, and data protection requirements.
From a technical perspective, both types of clouds share similarities. They comprise a set of hardware resources, including servers and storage systems, integrated with a virtualization system.
Private Cloud becomes the preferred choice when public cloud infrastructure falls short of meeting technical requirements (such as disk subsystem specifications, the number of cores and RAM per virtual machine, or the processor base frequency) or aligning with the company’s security policy.
Moreover, Private Cloud offers the unique advantage of granting full access to administer IT infrastructure at both the hypervisor and hardware levels. Additionally, it allows for the possibility of repurchasing hardware in the future, providing a valuable combination of dedicated servers’ performance and security, along with the elasticity characteristic of Public Cloud. This flexibility ensures the allocation of the required virtual resources for specific workloads as needed.

How secure is Private Cloud?

Opting for a hosted private cloud solution, comprising an isolated pool of physical resources integrated with a virtualization environment, stands out as one of the most secure methods for deploying IT infrastructure. This choice is particularly favored by clients with heightened information security requirements, including banks, Fintech companies, and medical centers.

In this hosted private cloud environment, sensitive data such as financial records, biometric information, and state secrets can be securely stored within the cloud storage and transmitted through communication channels, ensuring protection from unauthorized access by third parties.

Companies selecting Colobridge Private Cloud demonstrate a commitment to robust security practices and are highly likely to successfully undergo rigorous IT audits, including assessments from reputable auditing firms like the Big Four.

Where will the physical servers be located?

Geographically, all servers and the data stored on them are situated in German data centers — specifically, Telehouse (Tier III) and Equinix (Tier III+) in the city of Frankfurt am Main. Both data centers are equipped with robust power supply and cooling systems, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the event of a power cut or overheating.

These data centers boast prestigious certifications including ISO 9001 for Management Quality, ISO/IEC 27001 for Information Security Management, ISAE3402/SSAE16 Type 2 for Audit Service Management, and PCI-DSS for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Notably, industry giants like Netflix, Zoom, Lufthansa, Tele2, and Cisco choose these data centers as a preferred location for their hardware.

How is the cost calculated for private cloud services?

n the realm of Private Cloud, the cost depends on the configuration of the chosen dedicated infrastructure. This encompasses factors such as the number and technical specifications of individual hardware units. Additionally, the pricing may include the cost of renting licensed software essential for constructing a private cloud.

It’s crucial to note that, over an extended period — typically two or three years — private cloud hosting may prove to be more cost-effective for equivalent workloads compared to its closest alternative, Public Cloud.

What virtualization systems can I use to build a private cloud?

On private cloud, you have the flexibility to choose from established options such as VMware vSphere/Microsoft Hyper-V software or any hypervisor of your preference, including Proxmox, Xen, or others.

At Colobridge, our tech team is here to assist you in deploying a virtualization system tailored to your needs. Whether you have pre-existing licenses or prefer to rent them from us, we accommodate your choice. We have many examples of when a private cloud hosting service is placed on these virtualization systems.

Benefits of Private Cloud from Colobridge

For over 10 years, we have excelled in building successful private clouds at Colobridge

Our expert tech team is poised to design a personalized Private Cloud architecture tailored to your business and IT infrastructure requirements. This includes considerations for optimal performance, scalability, and the robust security of your business processes.

Flexible Management of Private Cloud Server Resources

Effortlessly manage your private cloud server resources with flexibility. Take complete control of Private Cloud resources, including servers, specified types and capacities of ports, IP addresses, data storage, and leased licenses. Additionally, you have the authority to oversee the virtualization system, manage virtual machines, configure and update cloud services, and exercise control over the allocation of virtual resources.

Ensuring Stable Hardware Operation with SLA Guarantees

Rest assured that the hardware underpinning your Private Cloud will operate seamlessly, backed by the guarantees outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our commitment extends to ensuring the operational integrity of all Private Cloud components. We proactively manage replacement stock and promptly replace components within the agreed-upon timeframe as specified in the SLA. If necessary, we facilitate the purchase and scaling of hardware resources, whether at the server level or individual components, based on your specific requirements.

Flexible Management of Private Cloud Server Resources

Effortlessly manage your private cloud server resources with flexibility. Take complete control of Private Cloud resources, including servers, specified types and capacities of ports, IP addresses, data storage, and leased licenses. Additionally, you have the authority to oversee the virtualization system, manage virtual machines, configure and update cloud services, and exercise control over the allocation of virtual resources.

Dedicated Ports for Seamless Connectivity

Accessing up to 100 Gb of connectivity speed is made effortless through our provision of dedicated ports for rent. This includes PortaaS Ethernet options ranging from 1Gb to 10Gb and PortaaS FC options at 8-16Gb. Connecting individual servers, data storage systems, and cloud resources is streamlined, eliminating the need for separate switches for different port types.

Block Storage for Tailored Requirements

With our Block Storage as a Service (BSaaS), you can customize your storage needs. Order storage of any volume required, with access speeds ranging from 16-32 Gbit and up to 200,000 IOPS. This ensures a seamless and scalable solution that aligns precisely with your storage demands.

Assistance in Infrastructure Development and Cost Estimation

We offer support in formulating terms of reference for infrastructure construction and estimating associated costs. Upon understanding the business requirements for Private Cloud infrastructure, our experts craft an optimal Private Cloud concept. We meticulously draft a detailed specification, recommend hardware selections, and aid in estimating the budget for both the initial build and ongoing maintenance of your Private Cloud.

Enterprise-Level Hardware for Corporate Productivity

In building your Private Cloud, we deploy enterprise-level hardware solutions. Rest assured that we provide the best configuration of servers and storage, featuring a high-performance disk subsystem sourced from world-renowned vendors. Our commitment is to offer top-notch hardware for the corporate segment, ensuring robust and reliable performance.

Rapid Restoration of IT Infrastructure in Emergency Situations

In the event of a malfunction, our swift response ensures the quick restoration of business applications and their data. For enhanced fault tolerance, consider connecting Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Additionally, our Backup as a Service (BaaS) option further fortifies your IT infrastructure. Both DRaaS and BaaS are available to all Colobridge customers utilizing any type of cloud or our physical products—Colocation and Dedicated—to store their data.

Reliability Confirmed by Certificates

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