Customer-Centric Analytics

A preconfigured AI solution as an advanced analytics service to thoroughly analyse customer actions. Predict customer needs and tailor engagement approaches.
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Analytics focused on real customer needs

High competition pushes businesses to look for new opportunities to better understand and predict customer behaviour. Customer-Centric Analytics helps companies deepen customer engagement, improve customer loyalty and drive revenue growth by making data-driven decisions and outpacing market trends.
Use customer-centric analytics to:

  • evaluate the risks of customer churn and retain customers more effectively;
  • understand what products to offer to different customers and the best time to offer such products;
  • detect fraud among customers;
  • allocate marketing and operational budgets more reasonably.

Benefits of Customer-Centric Analytics

Comprehensive understanding of customers

Gain a complete picture of your clientele to optimise your marketing strategy and the associated costs. Start delivering personalised customer service.

Enhanced decision-making opportunities

Use predictive analytics driven by unstructured data to develop informed strategy and manage riskѕ.

Retaining customers and attracting new ones

Find out which factors significantly impact your customers’ behaviour, and use this knowledge to expand your customer base and make sure clients buy from you again.

Increasing business profitability

Better understand your customers’ needs and behaviours to increase conversions and increase customer lifetime value ( CLTV).

Why Colobridge

Machine learning via SaaS model. Neither technical skills nor a team required

Provider will ensure easy deployment and maintenance

Pay-as-you-go cloud computing

Easy to scale as data volumes increase

Reviews and our clients

During our cooperation, Colobridge GmbH has proved itself as a reliable partner with profound competencies in IT services. Individual approach to the client, flexibility and readiness for customized solutions make Colobridge GmbH stand out from the other providers.

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Head of IT Support, StarLadder

Colobridge has proved itself as a reliable and professional partner in the field of information technology services. Services are provided in compliance with deadlines, quality indicators, as well as in a timely and professional manner.
Serhiy Bobylev

Manager of Tender Procedures Department, DTEK Dnipro Electricity Networks JSC

Customer-Centric Analytics features and opportunities

Descriptive analytics

For accurate results, use tools to thoroughly analyse your customer base and segmentation, assess satisfaction levels, and evaluate the efficiency of communicating with customers.

Predictive analytics and diagnostics

Predict customer behaviour, identify facts and reasons for potential customer churn and assess customer lifetime value.

Customised metrics and developing KPIs

Use customised metrics to track and measure key aspects of customer relationships.

Integration with PowerBi

Get comprehensive reporting and use solutions to visualise outcomes to make understanding and sharing information easier.

Deep segmentation and profiling

Use industry-leading clustering techniques to create detailed profiles of your customers.

Reliability Confirmed by Certificates

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What’s next?

Try the cloud for free up to 2 weeks

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