Network Solutions

Colobridge’s technology platform is backed by an independent, multi-functional network infrastructure. It provides the resources essential to maintain stable communications with leading telecommunications carriers.

Benefits of external network architecture


  • Both sites available in Colobridge Platform are connected via separate independent communication channels.
  • Fault tolerance of operators and communication channels corresponds to Tier 1 operators.
  • All components of the network environment are duplicated.

Accessibility and flexibility

Cloud Exchange provides access to leading hyperscalers – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air, Google Cloud Platform and others.

    The benefits of an internal network architecture

    Colobridge Platform is two geographically remote data centers that are united into a single logical platform by a distributed network infrastructure. It is built on the basis of its own fiber-optic communication line with the use of technologies that allow increasing the bandwidth capacity of the channel.


    • Reserved ring-based connection of all data centers within Colobridge Platform.
    • Up-to-date networking technology and access to equipment from the world’s leading vendors.

    Accessibility and flexibility

    • Converged network infrastructure.
    • FCoE, FC, iSCSI protocols.
    • WDM and LACP technologies.
    • Public network access up to 10 Gbps.
    • Copper or optical cross-connectivity.


    • Within the platform, client equipment is combined into isolated network segments (VLANs).
    • Redundancy for each component is implemented.
    • Management, data and public access networks are separated at the physical layer.