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  • 2 DC’s in Germany (among the top 3 in Europe)
  • 13+ years of experience and extensive IT expertise
  • Satisfied customers in 53 countries of the world
  • Guaranteed data availability from 99.995%
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Why Colobridge

Information security at the legislative level of Germany

Data centers are among the “World Top 3 Data Center Operators”

Professional technical support 24×7×365 and Remote Hands in any data centre in Frankfurt.

High quality of service — 4.9 points for evaluation. Support service response — up to 15 minutes
Platform Colobridge
We offer you a modern technical solution based on geographically distributed machine rooms. We have combined them into a single Colobridge logical platform that you can use to house your IT infrastructure. This is a unique opportunity to use advanced industry solutions from two independent geographically remote Tier III+ datacenters from a single provider.
The machine rooms are located at Equinix and Telehouse (KDDI) data centers, which are located in the German city of Frankfurt am Main, the European IT capital with more than 60 data centers. Together Equinix and Telehouse are #1 in the world and #4 in Europe respectively according to Cloudscene Rankings 2021. They operate more than 280 data centers. AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are also hosting up to a half of their capacity with these operators.

№3 in Europe

Cloudscene Rankings 2022

25,000 m²



data centers in the world

№1 in the World

Cloudscene Rankings 2022

8503 m²



data centers in the world

Reviews and our clients

We have designed private and hybrid clouds for companies from a number of countries, developed IT solutions for accounting, ERP systems, SAP Hana for our clients:
Since 2010, Colobridge GmbH has implemented 1000+ infrastructure projects of different complexity.
Сase study: Multiplex
Multiplex, Ukraine’s largest cinema chain, has transferred part of its workloads to Colobridge platform. Now the company flexibly responds to load surges on the eve of most anticipated high-profile premieres, easily scales up its IT infrastructure after the new cinemas are opened, and has significantly digitalised its services.

Become partner with Colobridge! 

Become a Colobridge partner and host your clients’ services and data on a technology platform built on fault-tolerant Tier III+ data centers.

Participate in a flexible referral program with monthly status review, engage Colobridge experts to implement projects of any complexity and receive 24/7 technical support. Our collaboration will be profitable and productive!

Colobridge — physical servers and cloud services in Europe

With Colobridge, you can deploy a virtual server, lease cloud resources as part of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), a dedicated physical server, a private cloud, and colocation services. Combine any of these products to get a solution that best fits your business needs and budget. Take advantage of our other services to help improve the efficiency, reliability and security of your IT infrastructure: Firewall as Service (FWaaS), Block Storage as Service (BSaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and others.

With Colobridge, you get access to industry-leading practices, Enterprise-class equipment and the ability to quickly implement modern technologies into your business processes. Partnering with us will be one of the key factors in helping your company digitize its business processes and flexibly adapt to changing market needs.

The data and equipment security of German hosting provider Colobridge’s customers is implemented on several levels. Equinix and Telehouse guarantee data availability of 99.95% and higher. Their protection and security is ensured by local legislation, which applies to all data centers operating in the German jurisdiction.

Since 2010, when Colobridge was founded, we have accumulated extensive practical experience by working with the best personnel. Our certified specialists regularly improve their competencies and update their knowledge. They will perform a range of works on migration of your IT infrastructure and data to the corporate cloud or to a physical server (colocation service), as well as provide round-the-clock support in several languages, including Russian and Ukrainian.

Our clients stay with us for a long time – 45% of them cooperate with us for more than three years, 13% – more than 8 years. We build stable partnership relations based on mutual benefit and trust. Colobridge’s reputation in ur clients’ and partneers’ opinion is the main priority of our activity and the driver of positive changes within the company.

German hosting provider Colobridge GmbH was founded in 2010 and is an official member of RIPE (ASN:AS197252).

Frequently Asked Questions about Colobridge services

In what languages can I communicate with Colobridge Technical Support?

Our technical experts are ready to answer you in four languages: Ukrainian, English, German and Russian.

In what currency will I receive my Colobridge bill?

We invoice customers in euros (€). Contact your bank to find out the best way to conduct transactions with the lowest fees.

How soon will I get a response from a Colobridge support agent?

On average, technical support employees respond to customer requests within 20 minutes. The actual waiting time may be less – it all depends on the workload of the operators.

Will I be able to use the trial period before signing the contract?

Colobridge customers have a trial period of 7-14 days. During this time they can evaluate the reliability and stability of the virtual server or infrastructure in the cloud, as well as the responsiveness of technical support specialists. The duration of the trial period to evaluate the performance of a dedicated server is discussed individually.

What guarantees of data center availability do you give?

Our data centers in Europe are Tier III+ compliant. This means that data is guaranteed to be available 99.95% of the time. In fact, from 2017 to 2022, customer data was available 100% of the time at the Equinix and Telehouse data centers in Frankfurt am Main.

How do I get my money back if I want to cancel Colobridge services?

If both parties have complied with the terms of the contract and company rules, the money will be refunded in full if you cancel the service in the first 7 days. Otherwise, we will refund you the unused amount for the remainder of the contract period. Payment for additional services (e.g. software setup) is not refundable.

How do I use a physical server or the cloud in Europe if I don't have an IT person on staff?

Colobridge tech support specialists will become system administrators for clients using the following products: virtual cloud (IaaS, Cloud VDS, CVDS), dedicated physical server in Europe, private virtual server, colocation. Administration service is available as part of the selected IT-outsourcing tariff, which is formed individually based on the client’s terms of reference based on the audit results.

Colobridge employees will ensure stable operation of your IT-infrastructure, operational and software 24/7. We perform system administration of your IT infrastructure on a continuous basis, while a staff member may fall ill, go on vacation or miss a workday for personal reasons. Availability of client’s IT services is guaranteed by SLA. For services that need to ensure business continuity, we recommend SLA Premium.

What is managed private cloud services?

On Colobridge platform, you can get a package of services called managed private cloud hosting. In this case, the rent service will include extra features such as backups, administration, replacing components from the replacement stock, and sending faulty components to the vendor, all of which are covered by the warranty. This architecture is called managed private cloud solutions.
Reliability confirmed by certificates
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