AI-Engine as a Service

Off-the-shelf high-performance infrastructure for real-time batch data analysis. Artificial Intelligence available to businesses with minimum initial investment.
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AI as a Service (AIaaS)

AI-Engine is a preconfigured AI-based solution with an advanced diagnostic module to analyse data in batches. It is one of the fastest ways to transform businesses and gain additional competitive advantages that used to be available only to technology giants:

  • to become more technologically savvy and flexible;
  • to improve operational efficiency;
  • to make informed business decisions;
  • to manage risk more effectively;
  • to maximise the return on IT investments;
  • to rapidly deploy products driven by data analytics;
  • to free up resources for higher-priority tasks.

Benefits of AI-Engine as a Service

Rapid deployment and forecasting

AI-Engine as a Service requires very little time to be deployed and provides high-quality analytics within a few minutes, responding to changing business demands as swiftly as possible.

Advanced diagnostics module

AI-Engine as a Service with an advanced diagnostics module helps you identify the underlying causes of predictions, understand the factors affecting outcomes, and make more informed decisions.

Adaptability and simple integration

A solution powered by AI and machine learning from Colobridge can be easily integrated with the current IT systems and adapted to any business, considering its specifics and requirements for analytics deliverables.

Completely autonomous operations

The learning and prediction processes in AI-Engine as a Service are fully automated. The number of manual operations is minimised, and users are not required to have specific knowledge and skills.

Easy scaling

If the amount of data has increased and business goals or requirements have changed, AI-Engine by Colobridge can be easily scaled to suit the new environment. Just contact your manager to allocate extra resources.

Security and legitimacy

We ensure the security and integrity of the data used for forecasting and ensure regulatory standards (regional, industry and corporate) are strictly enforced.

Why Colobridge

Machine learning via SaaS model. Neither technical skills nor a team required

Provider will ensure easy deployment and maintenance

Pay-as-you-go cloud computing

Easy to scale as data volumes increase

Reviews and our clients

During our cooperation, Colobridge GmbH has proved itself as a reliable partner with profound competencies in IT services. Individual approach to the client, flexibility and readiness for customized solutions make Colobridge GmbH stand out from the other providers.

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Head of IT Support, StarLadder

Colobridge has proved itself as a reliable and professional partner in the field of information technology services. Services are provided in compliance with deadlines, quality indicators, as well as in a timely and professional manner.
Serhiy Bobylev

Manager of Tender Procedures Department, DTEK Dnipro Electricity Networks JSC

AI-Engine as a Service features and opportunities

Preliminary data processing

Make the most of your data and get accurate analytics. To this end, the AI system removes noise from the data sets and normalises the data.

Real-time forecasting

Get instant analytics by processing data in real-time or use batch processing to produce a comprehensive assessment.

Work with multiple AI models

Use different Machine Learning (ML) models for various purposes: binary and multiclass classification, solving regression problems, etc.

Seamless integration

Use APIs supported by up-to-date and detailed documentation to integrate with your business’s existing IT systems and applications.

Models are monitored and constantly updated

Use industry-leading forecasting and analytics tools. They are relevant, fast and highly accurate thanks to the fact that we constantly monitor the performance of the learning models.

Cloud-based application design

Get all the benefits of AI-Engine as a Service: cross-platform, easy to deploy and maintain, easily scalable to suit your business needs.

Reliability Confirmed by Certificates

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What’s next?

Try the cloud for free up to 2 weeks

Tell us about your tasks and business requirements