E-Hroshi: building a reliable and secure IT infrastructure for an online microloan service

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Colobridge products and services used:
E-Hroshi is the most popular online microcredit service in Ukraine offering favourable terms and conditions. An application for a loan can be submitted 24/7 on the official website. To make the procedure as transparent, convenient and secure as possible, the company has developed a mobile application, it uses BankID to log in users and comply with the 18+ age limit.

E-Hroshi service has repeatedly received prestigious awards. In 2023, the company won a silver medal at FinAwards 2023 as the Best MFI Product and a bronze medal as the Best MFI for Customer Service. In order to maintain and strengthen its reputation, protect sensitive customer information and provide customers with the best solutions, the company strives to implement best practices in building the infrastructure to host E-Hroshi IT services.

IT services play a key role in E-Hroshi microloan service operations. The reputation and customer and partner loyalty directly depend on the quality and smooth application acceptance, processing, approval and subsequent procedures that make up the customer experience.

Previously, the client’s IT infrastructure was hosted by two other providers, but service and support quality did not meet the high business requirements. In order to become more flexible in building business processes, to be able to analyse the current situation and fully implement its development strategy, the company needed IT infrastructure that operates as a precise time-based framework.

When E-Hroshi approached Colobridge, they were planning to solve several priority tasks.
Find a new reliable service provider and get a stable infrastructure with maximum Uptime.
Get a solution that will ultimately be the best in terms of cost/resources/reliability.
Get a service level agreement (SLA) with financial guarantees fixed in the contract.
Ensure the support of technical specialists who respond to incidents around the clock and have the necessary competencies to solve problems regardless of their complexity.
Ensure infrastructure scalability with business growth.
Ensure uninterrupted access to IT services for customers and partners.
Obtain the desired level of physical and legal security driven by the need to protect client data (personal and financial information).
E-Hroshi considered working with other service providers, but those providers did not meet the client’s requirements. Moreover, it wanted to move the entire external infrastructure to a single service provider that would meet all the requirements of the terms of reference.

Colobridge, a geo-distributed platform that combines two certified data centres that in fact meet Tier III/Tier III+, met the client’s requirements. The company was able to provide the required security level when it came to server and network infrastructure, had all the necessary physical and cloud products, and the technical capacity to implement extra data protection scenarios.

Colobridge experts helped us choose the most suitable equipment that met our needs and vision for building infrastructure, as well as the requirements for online services to be reliable and fast. Moreover, we have built in scalability in case we need extra resources to provide users with uninterrupted access to services if the load increases. During migration, Colobridge team provided expert assistance in building the network and helped us set up SAN drives.
Andrii Khehai
IT Director at E-Hroshi
The migration was divided into several stages to ensure that E-Hroshi’s IT services continued to operate without interruption. If their work was interrupted by the fact that some data was unavailable, these data were transferred pursuant to a plan developed in advance, when IT infrastructure load was minimal (at night). Alongside the main infrastructure, some services were initially deployed simultaneously on Colobridge platform. When the tests showed that everything was working steadily and in a predictable manner, the load was fully switched to the new platform.

The IT infrastructure was based on dedicated servers provided by Colobridge via service model. As a result, a full-fledged virtualisation cluster was built, which is actually a special type of Private Cloud. For database storage, the company uses block cloud storage (BSaaS) which enables centralised data management and is easily scalable if necessary. Now, the client backs up data there on its own, although it initially used Backup as a Service (BaaS). Instead of renting network routers, the required number of different types of ports is used, once again via service model (Port as a Service).

The client’s IT services are now hosted by leading data centre operators and are protected from third-party access and accidental deletion/damage. The company has received exactly the kind of physical and cloud products that meet its current performance needs, as well as scalability in the future. It uses reliable storage for its data and its copies. Key E-Hroshi services were migrated to the new platform with the utmost care, unnoticed by the client’s users and partners, and are now stable and available 24/7 even during peak loads.
While communicating with technical specialists and using the products on Colobridge platform, I never encountered any serious challenges or disagreements, and all routine issues were resolved as quickly as possible. It’s nice that the support team always offers several options for solving problems and goes the extra mile in looking for compromise solutions. We are currently fully content with our cooperation with this service provider – we got exactly what we wanted: a reliable service with qualified support and reasonable pricing.
Andrii Khehai
IT Director at E-Hroshi
Current architecture:
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