Remote Hands in any data centre in Frankfurt

Supporting your IT infrastructure in any data centre in Frankfurt: maintenance, administration, and components replacement. SLA and paperwork.
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Benefits of Colobridge’s Remote Hands service in Frankfurt

IT consulting services

We will advise you on choosing the best possible IT infrastructure for your tasks. We justify the equipment chosen in terms of efficiency and cost.

Access to enterprise-level hardware

We will purchase the primary or replacement hardware you need for your IT infrastructure from trusted suppliers first-hand. It will be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Remote work on tasks with any complexity

We will not just install, connect or replace equipment, but also provide expert support in identifying the problem. If needed, we’ll be in touch with you in real-time and run the required tests.

24/7 hardware health monitoring

We will connect your infrastructure to the monitoring system, agree on the incident response protocol, and will act as your internal IT department. A data centre technician will inform you of any problems and offer solutions.

Reviews and our clients

Our experience of working with Colobridge gives confidence that the service desk will solve any issue related to the functioning of our infrastructure.

Vladimir Kuzko

IT Director, Softlist LLC

Service desk was the decisive argument in favor of our decision to migrate all infrastructure to Colobridge. For 9 years of work, we have never received any unsatisfying answer, and tasks of any complexity have been solved within 30 minutes at any time.

Aleksandr Evglevskiy

Head of IT Department,

Why Colobridge

Information security at the legislative level of Germany

Data centers are among the “World Top 3 Data Center Operators”

Professional technical support 24×7×365 and Remote Hands in any data centre in Frankfurt.

High quality of service — 4.9 points for evaluation. Support service response — up to 15 minutes

Reliability Confirmed by Certificates

FAQs about Remote hands

What are the benefits Remote Hands?

The Remote Hands service in a data centre (in some data centres it is called Smart Hands) is designed for customers who seek to ensure that their IT services are running smoothly by promptly troubleshooting problems on physically remote hardware.
The main benefits of Remote Hands are:

  •  quick access to IT hardware;
  •  assistance provided by qualified IT specialists in troubleshooting problems;
  •  guarantee for timely diagnostics and troubleshooting;
  •  prompt replacement of components from the replacement stock.

What kind of work do Colobridge specialists perform as part of Remote Hands?

Our employees have the necessary competencies and are ready to perform tasks of any complexity related to hardware component maintenance and software administration in the data centre where our client’s IT infrastructure is located.
The types of works we perform:

  • Purchasing hardware and delivering it to your data centre;
  • Receiving your hardware from the warehouse in the data centre;
  • Unboxing, recording the condition and configuration;
  • Assembling and installing the hardware in the racks according to the technical specifications;
  • connecting the equipment according to the terms of reference;
  • managing the replacement stock;
  • Communicating with the vendor on warranty replacement of components;
  • Replacing components;
  • Testing equipment with potential physical issues;
  • Monitoring and responding to notifications in accordance with approved procedures;
  • and much more that you may need.

If you need support on a regular basis, we will customise an optimal administration package to meet your needs, including a specific one for each of your products.
Currently, we have two support lines, general IT technicians, as well as experts in storage, NOC, Hyper-V, VMware, Veeam and many other products and technologies.

What products are covered by the Remote Hands service?

The technical support team will provide you all the help you need if you use any physical hardware installed in Equinix and Telehouse data centres, as well as in other data centres in Frankfurt.

How much does Remote Hands cost at Colobridge?

The price for Remote Hands depends on how urgent the incident is. We offer a package subscription to the service that includes a specific list of works based on the committed number of service hours. To estimate the price of your project, please contact our sales team for further advice.

What data does a data centre technician need to get before starting work?

We need the following information to perform our work efficiently and to access a remote server on the territory of a third-party data centre:

  1.  The name of the data centre located in Frankfurt am Main.
  2.  An application on your behalf to provide access to the hardware, based on which we will forward the contacts of our technical specialists to issue permits. Although this procedure may differ from data centre to data centre, in practice we have always gained access to the data centre where the client’s hardware is located.
  3.  Hardware coordinates: rack number, unit number and ID of the hardware itself.
  4.  An exact description of the work to be performed in the data centre.
  5.  Preferred time for work to be performed (day, date, time) and an indication of how urgent it is.

Only after receiving this information, will we be able to process your request and agree on performing work in a remote data centre, as well as communicate the name and surname of the technician who will be assigned the task.

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