Colocation — Deploying Servers and Network Equipment in Germany

Efficiently deploy your servers and other critical equipment on the advanced Colobridge technology platform housed within certified data centers in Germany. Benefit from our 24/7 support provided in your native language, ensuring seamless operations and support for your colocated infrastructure.
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Benefits of Colocation by Colobridge

No Hidden Fees

Experience simple and transparent expenditure budgeting with fixed costs based on peak component capacity. Colobridge ensures no hidden fees during the entire duration of hosting physical servers, storage systems, and networking equipment in our data center.

In-House Technical Support Team

Access prompt assistance with our in-house technical support team. Receive expert responses within 15 minutes in your preferred language, whether Ukrainian, English, or Russian.

Reliable Performance with Replacement Stock and Repair

Enjoy reliable performance through our inclusion of small-scale replacement stock, such as hard drives. We provide scheduled replacement of components from this stock, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Rapid Response and Preventive Problem Solving

Benefit from proactive equipment monitoring, enabling swift detection of glitches. If covered by warranty, we liaise with the vendor’s technical support team. Additional services for rapid response and preventive problem-solving are available for order.

Reviews and our clients

During our cooperation, Colobridge GmbH has proved itself as a reliable partner with profound competencies in IT services. Individual approach to the client, flexibility and readiness for customized solutions make Colobridge GmbH stand out from the other providers.

Yaroslav Tkachenko

Head of IT Support, StarLadder

When working with Colobridge GmbH, we are happy with the quick response of the support desk to any issue or incident, as well as the professional solution of local problems with equipment. At the same time, Colobridge offers a clear procedure for Contractor – Client interaction.

Max Simonyants

Why Colobridge

Information security compliant with German legislative standards

Data centers ranked among the “World’s Top 3 Data Center Operators”

Professional 24/7/365 technical support and Remote Hands available in any data center located in Frankfurt.

High-quality service with a 4.9 rating. Support service response time — within 15 minutes

Data Centers

№3 in Europe

Cloudscene Rankings 2022

25,000 m²



data centers in the world

№1 in the World

Cloudscene Rankings 2022

8503 m²



data centers in the world

Benefits of Colocation by Colobridge

We will take care of administrative issues and arrangements

Delegate non-core tasks related to establishing and maintaining primary or backup data centers, as well as individual servers, to the Colobridge team. We handle administrative arrangements and ensure maintenance adheres to regulations, promptly notifying you of any arising issues.

We will provide expert assistance in selecting equipment

Seek expert advice from the Colobridge team when selecting and purchasing equipment for our data centers in Germany. Benefit from our guidance to secure quality equipment at competitive prices.

We guarantee Uptime of 99.99% for data center services

Enjoy an IT infrastructure with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)-guaranteed availability of 99.99% across key components such as power, climate control, cabling, fire safety, and physical security.

We will protect your equipment and data

Rely on Colobridge for the legal and physical protection of your data and equipment, secured by German law. This ensures protection against unlawful seizure of equipment and resource blocking. Additionally, leverage physical tools for hands-on control of your equipment.

We will place equipment of any configuration

Accommodate any equipment with us, regardless of vendor, processor frequency, memory modules, or other parameters. The primary condition is compatibility with the physical parameters of our racks.

No equipment?

Colobridge offers assistance in procuring new or refurbished equipment with a warranty. We provide comprehensive support for the sales and purchase agreement and facilitate the seamless transfer of equipment to the client in accordance with the agreement terms.

Enjoy special offers tailored for both new and regular customers. These promotions are designed to enhance value and provide cost-effective solutions.

Choose from our flexible equipment rental options, allowing you to access the configuration you need without the commitment of ownership.

FAQs about Colocation

Can we provide a self-assembled or vertical server for placement?

The Colobridge technology platform, operational in data centers located in Germany, employs a cooling system utilizing cold and hot aisles. Air circulation follows the Front-to-Back scheme: cold streams are directed to the front of the equipment, while hot streams are channeled to the rear and directed to heat exchangers. Cooled air is then released from the heat exchanger, optimized for reuse. This cooling scheme, efficient and technically intricate, poses challenges when accommodating vertical or self-assembled servers.

At Colobridge, we exclusively facilitate the placement of rackmount servers. The equipment must conform to specified electrical and fire safety standards and include necessary accessories for proper installation. Power connections adhere to the IEC-320-C13 standard or any other standard approved by Colobridge experts.

Physical size requirements for equipment include:

  • Maximum width with mounting brackets: 482.6 mm (19 in.)
  • Height for mounting equipment accommodation: 44.45 mm (1 unit)
  • Distance between 19-inch profiles: 450 mm
  • Distance between mounting holes: 465 mm

How do I calculate the cost of rack mount servers?

The Colocation service is priced based on the technical specifications of the equipment (servers, storage systems, network equipment), with the cost influenced by power consumption. Additional services will incur an increase in the overall price.

What are the guarantees of equipment availability and if they are not available what are the compensation policies?

Under the Service Level Agreement (SLA), we ensure the availability of your infrastructure at an impressive 99.99%. Network availability is contingent on the configuration of the communication services ordered.

For Colocation service customers, compensation is determined based on the specific service’s downtime. Compensation rates are structured as follows:

  • 1% compensation for downtime exceeding the allowable time of 1 to 4 minutes.
  • 5% compensation for downtime ranging from 5 to 43 minutes.
  • 10% compensation for downtime spanning from 44 to 240 minutes.

Detailed information on guarantees and compensation can be found here.

Can I install and configure the server myself if I rent racks in a data center?

Clients ordering our data center services have two installation options:

Option 1: Self-Installation with Colobridge Technician Supervision:
Clients can choose to install the equipment themselves, with a Colobridge technician on-site to supervise the process.
Paid “Remote Hands” Service:

Option 2: Opt for our Paid “Remote Hands” Service
A technician will place the server in the data center and configure it under the supervision of the customer, who can connect online or by phone.

How can I send my own server?

Yes, it is possible to rent space for a server or other equipment purchased by the customer. To initiate shipping, please contact the Colobridge team in advance to finalize the address of our data center in Germany. Send the equipment via a trusted logistics company.

Can I place previously purchased equipment with you?

You can buy server equipment from us and we will place it in a fail-safe data center in Germany. You can also buy previously rented equipment or ask Colobridge team to help with purchasing new or refurbished equipment with a warranty.

What is included in the basic rate for servers and other equipment?

The Colocation service, facilitating the placement of servers and other equipment within the European region through the Colobridge technology platform, encompasses the following services:

Allocation of Rack Space:
Secure allocation of rack space within certified data centers located in Germany.

SLA Guaranteed Availability:
A Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensuring the availability of main data center systems at 99.99%, supported by Colobridge’s financial responsibility.

24/7 Multilingual Technical Support:
Access to round-the-clock technical support provided in three languages: Ukrainian, English, and Russian.

24/7 Physical Access (By Agreement):
Potential for 24/7 physical access to equipment, subject to prior agreement.

Geographically Redundant Placement:
The option to place equipment in two independent, geographically remote data centers.

Provision of One Unit:
Inclusive provision of one unit, encompassing an IP address, KVM port, and a 1 Gb port.

What services will I be able to connect for an additional fee?

Customers who have opted for renting a rack in the data center gain access to a range of additional services provided by Colobridge:

BaaS (Backup as a Service):
Cloud-based backup tools ensuring secure data backup and recovery.

Dedicated Server:
Provision of a dedicated physical server exclusively for data storage needs.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service):
Lease cloud computing resources for virtual machine deployment, along with the installation of operating systems and client applications.

Expand your capabilities with these fee-based services, tailored to enhance your data center experience with Colobridge.

Reliability Confirmed by Certificates

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