Virtual Cloud Infrastructure IaaS

Rent a virtual cloud (IaaS) in Germany

, with 24/7 support in your native language, on a platform in two certified data centers from the Colobridge provider.
Discount on prepaid IaaS based on Microsoft Hyper-V cloud
For prepaid:
6 months — 7%, 12 months — 12%, 24 months — 24%
Month free
With advance payment for the first quarter. For new clients only.

Advantages of the IaaS cloud from Colobridge

Resource optimization and fast reconfiguration
Respond quickly to changing business needs. Manage resources flexibly and order as many as you need. You do not have excess capacity and are ready for load spikes.
Save up to 30% on capital and operating costs
You effectively manage costs and pay for a fixed amount of resources (Allocation pool), having the right to increase or decrease them upon request. This will allow reducing CapEx and OpEx by a third.
Assistance with data migration
We will help you migrate your services into cloud as transparently and as quickly as possible.

Why Colobridge

  • Information security is ensured at the legislative level of Germany
  • Data is hosted in data centers ranked among the world's top 5
  • Technical support in a language you understand. Our experts are available 24/7/365
  • High quality of service — 4.9 points for evaluation. Support service response — up to 15 minutes
Reviews and our clients
Сase study: Multiplex

Multiplex, Ukraine's largest cinema chain, has transferred part of its workloads to Colobridge platform. Now the company flexibly responds to load surges on the eve of most anticipated high-profile premieres, easily scales up its IT infrastructure after the new cinemas are opened, and has significantly digitalised its services.

Partner with Colobridge!

Become a Colobridge partner and host your clients' services and data on a technology platform built on fault-tolerant Tier III+ data centers.

Participate in a flexible referral program with monthly status review, engage Colobridge experts to implement projects of any complexity and receive 24/7 technical support. Our collaboration will be profitable and productive!

Cards for a comprehensive assessment of the provider

Colobridge's expert team has compiled over 40 criteria for choosing a reliable cloud and hosting provider. Our methodology, based on many years of expertise, will allow us to accurately assess the real quality of the services provided before starting cooperation.

FAQs about IaaS

  • What is the maximum configuration of virtual machines available in the Colobridge virtual cloud?
    Many IaaS providers offer a limited set of virtual machine configurations. The pre-configured options cover most of the basic requests, but cannot address all the actual needs of clients. With Colobridge, you can flexibly configure the virtual machine configuration and adjust it to the current load, as well as get the necessary resources and services upon request in the future.
    Our clients can order any intermediate virtual machine configuration that includes from 1 to 16 cores, from 1 GB to 128 GB of RAM and from 1 GB to 8 TB of storage capacity. Thus, the IaaS infrastructure that we put at your disposal can be adapted to any business need.
  • What OS can be used for virtual servers?
    The private cloud dashboard provides server deployment tools to get your virtual infrastructure up and running as quickly as possible. We have prepared a list of popular and ISO images of the most demanded operating systems that you can install on your own. It's legal and safe: you get proven software that is distributed without licenses or in the form of trial versions to test.
    Clients hosting IaaS based on the Microsoft Hyper-V cloud are given an opportunity to receive automatic activation of guest systems of the Windows Server 2012R2/2016/2019 family. This option is available in one of our three clusters. If the required OS is not in our list, contact the service desk and our experts will do their best for you to start using the cloud infrastructure from Colobridge as soon as possible.
  • What hypervisor is used in IaaS?
    Our clouds are based on the most popular virtualization systems from well-known Microsoft and VMware brands.
    The Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 cloud is based on a Microsoft hypervisor with infrastructure management using SCVMM (System Center-Virtual Machine Manager). Cloud infrastructure service based on Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 ensures a variety of virtual machine templates, good scalability, easy integration with the cloud, support for standard tools for virtual machines replication, as well as changing the capacity of virtual drives on the fly and online.
    VMware cloud provides computing resources in the cloud based on VMware vSphere products managed through the vCloud Director dashboard. The cloud provides powerful integrated virtual machine management tools, effectively allocates storage resources and ensures advanced memory management. VMware cloud provides agility and responsiveness to changing requirements of business applications, the best combination of performance and security, as well as flexible licensing terms.
  • Where is the data physically located?
    The application data of our clients who have started using the cloud infrastructure from Colobridge is actually located in the Telehouse (Tier III) and Equinix (Tier III+) data centers. Both are located in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), have a fully redundant power and cooling infrastructure, which eliminates server shutdown due to power outages or overheating, and are certified according to ISO 9001 Management Quality, ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management, ISAE3402 / SSAE16 Type 2 Audit of Service Management, PCI-DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The area of ​​Telehouse, which has been operating since 2012, is 25,000 m². This makes it one of the largest data centers in Germany. The history of Equinix goes back over 20 years, with clients including Netflix, Zoom, Lufthansa, Tele2 and Cisco.
  • How is the data protected from access by third parties?
    We understand your concerns about data protection issues. The IaaS model suits most companies, except for those most sensitive to data privacy (such as banks). Our cloud infrastructure is built in accordance with the best world data protection practices and complies with all relevant security requirements. As a provider, we are responsible for the physical security and delimitation of clients’ networks, protect the network and continuously monitor security events. Employees of our company have no access to clients’ clouds and additionally sign an NDA, an agreement that helps prevent the leakage of confidential information.
  • What happens if a drive or an entire server fails?
    Infrastructure as a service operates in accordance with the best industry practices, which are built on the principles of maximum fault tolerance. The IaaS model does not have a single point of failure, which prevents our clients’ business applications shutdown due to a technical failure in the drive or other physical server component. Thanks to the fault tolerance implemented at all levels, the risks of shutdown are reduced to a minimum, and the time of continuous guaranteed operation of the system is 99.95% (actual time is 100%).
  • Is it possible to test a virtual cloud before buying?
    With Colobridge, you can assess the work of virtual infrastructure before signing an agreement and making a payment. We offer a 7 days trial period with the possibility of extending it up to 14 days. During this time, you will test IaaS, evaluate the benefits of the service for your business, and also make sure of the proficiency of our experts. We are ready to answer questions about testing the cloud in the online chat on this page or by phone - request a call back, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Benefits of IaaS from Colobridge

We will provide any resource configuration
You get the infrastructure as a service with the necessary configuration of computing resources in the form of CPU, RAM and HDD. You do not have to manage resources, buy and configure hardware. Without any additional effort, you always have updated equipment and advanced technologies at your disposal.
We guarantee Uptime and availability from 99.95%
In fact, your data will be available 99.99% of the time even within the basic tariff, because all components of the infrastructure are backed up. In case of a server or OS failure, the virtual machines will be restarted automatically.
We will allocate test resources instantly upon request
Test our IaaS infrastructure under the best conditions to understand the real volume of required resources. If the trial period is not enough, we will extend it and help you come to the right decision faster.
We will move your infrastructure to the cloud
Our experts will help you migrate data to the cloud infrastructure and continue to support it if you do not have a system administrator. You do not need to understand the technical aspect of the issue - just continue working with your services in a usual way.
We will help draw up requirements and estimate the budget
Let us know your business requirements, and we'll provide you with a technical concept for the cloud, develop a detailed specification, perform initial configuration and launch the cloud into operation.
Reliability confirmed by certificates
  • BaaS
  • Private cloud
  • Cloud VDS
  • Dedicated server
  • Colocation
  • IaaS 1C
  • BaaS
    Copying of the corporate data to the Colobridge cloud through Veeam software on a regular basis. Flexible configuration tools, secure scale-out repositories, reliable backup storage and guaranteed 24/7 access to corporate data.
  • Private cloud
    A private cloud that will cover all the needs of your business for computing resources. You get a highly efficient, safe and secure cloud infrastructure on dedicated servers, tools for adaptive management, integration and deployment of external software solutions.
  • Cloud VDS
    A virtual server based on Microsoft cloud with a customized configuration and the possibility to install most software. A fail-safe infrastructure, capacious storage, stable and high-speed data transmission channels are at your disposal.
  • Dedicated server
    Dedicated server as a separate physical machine with a configuration optimized for your business needs. We provide computing power based on equipment from leading vendors, top industry technologies, and ensure data transmission via fast secure channels.
  • Colocation
    Your equipment will be placed in one of the most fault-tolerant data centers in Europe (Germany). We will help you choose the optimal configuration. We guarantee reliable external connections and provide tools for creating private dedicated connections, cross connect. Our service desk specialists speak Russian.
  • IaaS 1C
    Rent of computing resources for 1C, which is the most popular accounting software. Your financial information is physically and legally protected according to German law. Data hosted by one of the best European data centers is guaranteed to be available 99.95% of the time. Assistance in migrating to the cloud. Responsive Russian-speaking service desk.
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